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"Judy Moses has been extremely helpful and important to me and my family.  She has gone above and beyond.  Everyone’s family situation is different, and I know that Judy has been here for us in extreme spur of the moment situations.  She has a lot of expertise, and it seems like she tries to put herself in our shoes so that she can help the best way possible.  I was that one person that believed the cliche “we don’t need therapy; we can just talk things out.”  Trust me, I was wrong, and I feel a sigh of relief.  We can’t trap troubles inside; they must be released.  Since seeking Judy’s services, I am feeling a lot better, and my family is healing. Thank you, Judy, for all that you do and continue to do for our family.  We are so blessed to have you as our therapist!"- ED & KD

"Coming here was the best decision I ever made! I have been coming to Judy for 5 years now and she has changed my life. She is so down to earth, helpful and gives you the advice you truly need (not just the stuff you want to hear.) If you come to her, it will also be the best decision of your life, I promise." - RH

"I've been working with Judy for about 2 years. It has been a wonderful experience and journey working through the joys and challenging of life with Judy. I know I've made significant growth because of her and her strategies in our sessions. She is consistent, compassionate and professional with her approach. It is always a safe space in which I am truly grateful for." - TP


"Paul the Apostle wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 'Therefore, encourage one another, and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.' This verse concretely illustrates the compassion and encouragement Miss Judy Moses implements whenever you're having a one-on-one session with her. Judy exuberates an IMMENSE amount of patience, understanding, and a never desire to listen to your hopes, dreams, fears, concerns, whatever the case may be. What has impressed me the most is that Judy navigates through your concerns with precise questioning that will position you to think through your circumstances with encouragement and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Miss Judy Moses is a therapist who shares such sagacity, you leave her sessions with a clear and renewed perspective of your circumstance. I cannot highly recommend her services; she's been a fantastic help in my life navigating through a sea of unknowns and uncertainties. Judy has been that lighthouse to shine upon the darkness and guide me through such tough terrain. In short, Judy Moses is an impeccable therapist that will provide you with a safe space for discussion and much-needed introspection. I can't thank her enough." - DK

"I began working with Ms. Moses several months ago and am grateful that I began sessions with her when I did. She is friendly, compassionate, attentive, professional, and gives useful feedback. For me, her therapeutic approach has been helpful in allowing me to work through various feelings and situations. She does a great job of sympathizing with you while also offering different thoughts and ideas in a nonjudgmental manner. I would highly recommend considering her for treatment if you are in the DMV area and would like to discuss issues relating to the areas, she specializes in." - RJ


"Judy has been such a great therapist and asset in my life. I came to Judy may of 2020 after the loss of a former lover and I was in desperate need to talk to someone. In the beginning I couldn’t see myself getting passed the hurt and out of my depression, but I saw her weekly. Before I knew it, I began to get back to my normal activities of my everyday life. She has helped me in so many ways and has gotten me out of the sunken hole I was stuck in. Judy is not biased, nor will she pass judgment, but she will follow up on the goals I set for myself. She helped me to self-reflect on my actions which made me hold myself accountable. I definitely recommend her services and I promise you will not regret it. I wish you all could see how far I’ve come because I’ve literally made a 360." - LM


"Working with Judy is one of the best decisions I have ever made! She is very understanding, relatable and asks thought-provoking questions to help me navigate the hard times in life. I would recommend her to anyone." -AD


"As a clinician, I was looking for an experienced, warm and engaging clinician.  Judy is attentive, compassionate and supportive.  She provides constructive feedback in individual and in couples counseling.  I would highly recommend her."- DG

"I have wanted to see a therapist and work on me for a while but claimed I never had the time, but due to the unfortunate effects of the Pandemic I now had no excuse due to working from home. I knew that I had a lot of work to do to better myself, but I was not aware of the “how”. Through her kindness, patience, compassion and attentiveness, Dr. Moses is currently guiding me through the process and helping me to realize that I can be better than I was before; That I control my actions/responses and I do not have to decide to let others dictate how I react, because it is my choice and my choice alone. Not only do I see her for individual session but also for couples’ sessions. Honestly, my fiancé and I would not be in the place we are today if it wasn’t for this wonderful woman. So, if you are reading this and are wondering if obtaining the services of Dr. Judy Moses is a good idea, let me put your mind at ease…...It will be transformative and one of the best decisions you have ever made" -QT


“Judy is a great therapist! She is compassionate, caring, and helpful. She has been beneficial in my healing in helping me deal with my anxiety and depressive symptoms. She is an active listener, empathic, engaging, and easy to open up to. She has always been supportive and non-judgmental and aids me in identifying my triggers to my emotions. I have learned a lot while working with her. I started from a low point, and she has helped me significantly since then. I highly recommend her.” - JB


“I worked with Judy for 3 years and she’s an attentive, patient, and hardworking therapist. She is very understanding, accommodating, and flexible towards the needs of her patients. It is my pleasure not only to have Judy as a coworker but as a friend as well. Anyone who is in the care of Judy is in great hands.” Colleague- KA


“Working with Judy has been one of the best investments that I could have made into myself, my marriage, and my family as a whole. – Judy has an angelic yet assertive approach that allows you to feel comfortable with expressing the depths of your pain, purpose, and passions. When my husband and I started our sessions with Judy in 2019 our marriage was in trouble, and since continuing our sessions we have experienced paramount pain and loss however utilizing the skills and resources that she provides has made the most grievous seasons a lot more manageable… Judy is an awesome asset to any person, marriage and/or family in need of clinical (therapeutic) support.” - KM

“My husband and I see Judy for marital counseling, as well as individually. She is fair, does not point fingers, and doesn't take sides. She is very skilled. So kind, and a patient listener. She allows me to set my own pace. And gently guides me to challenge myself, while still respecting my boundaries. I have been dealing with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. As well as childhood trauma and abuse. I've seen many therapists, but none like her. I'm so happy I found her. She offers a safe space that encourages healing and growth. I feel so comfortable with her. Not once have I felt judged or embarrassed. I always feel cared for and respected. And with her, I'm confident that healing is possible. I highly recommend Judy. She is absolutely a great asset to my life personally. And to my marriage.” - RW


“Judy is a wonderful counselor with an ear of gold. Her approach has added many helpful habits to my daily routines. Throughout our sessions, I have gained a new level of self-confidence. I have worked through situations with Judy, and she has shown compassion and thoughtful insight every step of the way. I couldn't be more satisfied with working with her. “- IA


“Judy has been a guiding light to the progress my spouse and I have seen over the last two years. She has provided detailed, unbiased, uplifting support to each of us as individuals and as a couple. While many couples were struggling through COVID, Judy's therapy services helped our relationship flourish. - Couple Review DB and DB.”

“There are so many wonderful things I could say about therapist Judy Moses. Having struggled with PTSD and severely low self-esteem for over a decade, I was in desperate need of help from someone who was nurturing, patient, and experienced. Being all of these things, Judy has helped me feel calmer and stronger each week. The future feels so bright when you have the right support, and I'm so glad to have found that in Judy.” - DB


“I was very skeptical about talking to a therapist but Judy put my fears at ease. She’s very understanding, an excellent listener, thoughtful and trustworthy. She asks thought-provoking questions and provides practice exercises/tools to help me better myself. I highly recommend her to anyone that’s having a difficult time navigating through life. ” - MM


“Judy has helped my family and me tremendously. Judy is very professional and knowledgeable. Judy has provided me with multiple helpful resources during our sessions from workbooks to online activities. Judy always begins with a smile in sessions with a joyful heart. Judy’s advice is very nonjudgmental and effective. Judy is very flexible and understanding. Judy is approachable and easy to talk to. Judy takes the time to know her patients and is very genuine. If you need someone to talk to, I highly recommend Judith.” - UO


“As a client of Judy Moses and Compassionate Counseling, I have actively worked on being a better individual for myself and those around me. Throughout my time in therapy, I've grown to become a person that I'm proud of.  Judy helps me realize my flaws, things that are beyond my control, and how to manage my emotions in a healthy way.  I've learned techniques for processing and expressing feelings in an environment that fosters clear, honest, and honorable communication.  I'm grateful for the care and compassion that she shows towards the stability of my mental health and would recommend her to anyone seeking healing to walk in a purpose-filled life.”  - KO


“I have been seeing Judy Moses for a couple of years now, and beginning therapy with her has been the best decision ever. Ms. Judy listens, never judges, and gives tough love when needed. I believe that everyone needs a Ms. Judy in their lives, therapists are like human diaries, allowing you to no longer bear the agony of an untold story, alone. Ms. Judy is like courage, not the type that is always roaring but the kind of courage that is quiet and powerful that encourages you to try hard again and again.” - LW


“When I found Judy, I’d only recently decided to seek out a therapist and I was so worried about if therapy would benefit me. All those worries were quickly squashed by Judy. Her efforts have helped me significantly improve my communication skills with those I care most about and how to recognize and cope with my anxiety and depression when I’m experiencing an episode. I’m certainly not done but I’m so thankful to have found Judy when I did.” - JS

"I have been working with Judy over the two and a half years and she's had a great positive impact on my every day life since then. Judy is very compassionate, caring, a great listener and easy to talk to. You feel like you are talking to a friend. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for that caring-comfort feeling therapist who can assist in resolving any therapeutic issues you might have." - JF

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